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Gracieland Guitars

Following a successful trip to New York, Mike Moss is now back in the U.K. and back in the studio. 

Together with fellow band member and guitarist Michael Jones, the guys travelled to the world famous Gracieland Studios, in Manchester, to work alongside resident studio engineer and producer, Steve Boyce-Buckley. 

We captured some sneaky footage of them recording guitars on a new song called Revolver.

"This track has a bit of an EDM feel to it," says Mike. "It's a little off the wall but I like the direction it's going in and I'm excited to see where it ends up."

"I'm collaborating on this track with a good friend of mine called Naomi Shead. Naomi's a very talented classical composer who's been commissioned to write scores for various television shows on channels such as ITV, amongst other things."

"She came up with this quirky piano riff that sounded slightly awkward to me at first but after manipulating the sound of the piano I managed to get a really interesting rhythmical effect from it whilst maintaining the harmonic feel. Suddenly the progression she'd written made a lot more sense to me."

"Yeah, it's experimental but in a good way...."

CAUTION: Contains explicit lyric.

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