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Introducing Ben Hall on Guitar

Ben Hall & Mike Moss in the studio

Introducing Ben Hall on guitar - the blues rock guitarist joining Mike Moss on his new EP.

Working on the new, up-and-coming Mike Moss EP has been an absolute blast, and a huge part of that is thanks to the amazing Ben Hall.

Not only is Ben a master of his craft, he's a great mate and an award winning wildlife photographer to boot. Don't believe me then go and check out his work @BenHallPhotography.

His passion for music is contagious, and his dedication to making every note count is inspiring. Ben brings a magical energy into the studio every time he's here and I'm so grateful to have him on this journey.

We've shared countless hours working on sessions together brainstorming new ideas, and to say we've had a laugh would be an understatement. So thanks Ben - it's been a right giggle mate, and here's to many more.

Can't wait for everyone to hear the fruits of our labour!

You can keep up to date with all our progress both here and on Instagram @TheMikeMoss.

More updates coming soon.

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