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“There’s something refreshing about Mike Moss as an artist. He doesn’t sound like anybody else but there's a hint of familiarity in his music that make his songs instantly likeable and incredibly playable.”

Dean Jackson, BBC Radio

Defying typecasts, Manchester born Mike Moss is an anomaly in the modern world of manufactured pop. With his diverse musical roots - from hanging out with the Uncle who toured with Ivor Emmanuel, to the mosh pits of Manchester’s rock clubs - he is emblematic of a new wave of self-made artists, combining innate musical talent with production savvy.

His debut album, Cold World Plastic Dream, was released to a string of rave reviews and comparisons were soon drawn to artists such as David Bowie, Muse, and U2. However, much like his forebears, the sound and the voice that emerges are inimitably Mike Moss. Toying with your expectations and eschewing the mainstream, he keeps his songs fresh and accessible.

On his follow-up EP - Start with Love, and Forgive the Rest - Moss once again showcased a sublime amalgam of musical styles and sweeping universal appreciation. His rousing choruses and expressive vocals, coupled with a gift for catchy songwriting and a hint of familiarity are very much his calling cards.

With a new EP set for release in 2024, there is much to look forward to from this humble, modern day troubadour. Accompanied by blues rock guitarist and close friend Benjamin Hall, with influences from artists like John Mayer, Tom Petty, Passenger, and The War On Drugs, a new sound is emerging and a new journey awaits.

"If this album is any indication, Moss has a way with a pop melody that captures the imagination. There isn't a song on the album that doesn't have an absolutely infectious hook, the kind of hook that could well land a song on many a pop hit list."

Seattle Post

"There is little production work done to Moss's vocals, which are absolutely stellar. Bouncing through styles with the greatest of ease, Moss has the chops to hang with anyone on the music scene."


"I would define Mike Moss as a modern day troubadour. He spins his stories and weaves his tales with a perfectly etched, quartz voice. His music is both retro and modern, containing a certain nostalgic component, which adult orientated music lovers will adore"

Neufutur Magazine
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