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Brooklyn Drums

Mike Moss is currently working hard on his new album and has been to Brooklyn, New York recently to enlist the talents of U.S. producer, Robbie G, and 'New Politik' drummer, Lou Vecchio.

The main focus of the trip was to capture the excitement of the new songs with a fresh approach and some new blood.

"It's hard not to get set in your ways when writing songs at times," Mike explains. "So it's good to seek out a fresh pair of ears - an outsiders perspective, if you like - just to shake things up."

"I met Robbie on a previous trip to New York, and we really clicked. We got talking about music and what makes us tick as people, and musicians. It felt like a good fit so I made plans to return to Meserole Street the following year to work on some new material."

"I had some tracks sketched out and wanted to try a different approach on them. There was no real plan of attack as such, we just chose three songs we felt a connection with and got to work. Robbie enlisted the talents of Lou Vecchio to lay down some drums on the songs and it's fair to say I was blown away by his playing. The tracks really came to life....."

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