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Taken from the brand new EP - Start with Love, and Forgive the Rest - and inspired by the book War by Sebastian Junger, Whispers is a song about conflict, and the limits of courage and love under pressure. It is a subject that divides opinion, creates controversy, and leaves its scars. It is both ruthless, and unforgiving and yet sometimes it is the only way to restore order from the chaos of mankind’s undoing.


For me the brave men and women who fight for their country should be saluted. They fight not just for our freedom but the freedom of many around the world, a freedom too often taken for granted. 

With that in mind, I am incredibly proud to announce a very special alliance with some amazing people on this song. People with an inspiring story, on an epic mission, that will see them break no less than FOUR WORLD RECORDS.

Whispers (Official Video and Trailer)
Whispers (Official Video)
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Whilst battling on the front line in Afghanistan and Iraq, a group of British and American soldiers suffered injuries that would end their military careers and change their lives forever. Refusing to go down without a fight, they found themselves on a new journey; one that would take them further than anyone could ever have imagined. 


Led by ex-serviceman Martin Hewitt - a former commissioned officer in the parachute regiment, and one of Prince Harry’s BBC Arctic Heroes - they joined forces to embark on the Adaptive Grand Slam (AGS); an unprecedented mission to summit the highest peaks on each of the seven continents and walk unsupported to the geographic North and South Poles. 


To date, the AGS team have reached the Geographic North Pole unsupported - the first disabled team to do so - and successfully scaled Mount Denali, Mount Elbrus, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Aconcagua. On completion of the Grand Slam, they will break no less than four world records.


But their next mission will push them even further, and even higher than ever before. In April 2019, the Adaptive Grand Slam are returning to the world's highest peak for some unfinished business – to summit Mount Everest. 

Having gotten to know Martin through a close mutual friend and inspired by this epic feat of courage in the face of adversity, I am proudly dedicating my new song Whispers to the Adaptive Grand Slam.

Martin Blue.jpg

Adaptive Grand Slam team leader and founder of the AGS. Martin served eight years as a commissioned officer in the parachute regiment. He was injured whilst leading his men in combat in Afghanistan. The injuries paralysed his right arm and ended his military career.

Everest Logo.png

Martin Hewitt



If you would like to reach out and support this amazing cause then you can do so right here.


Below you will find a link for the Adaptive Grand Slam Foundation, a charitable organisation set up in conjunction with the Adaptive Grand Slam that provides support and relief to those living with physical and/or mental disability. 

Furthermore, by donating to this amazing cause you are helping to raise the profile of the Adaptive Grand Slam, whilst simultaneously promoting awareness for the disabled community, and what can be achieved post injury.

With your support we can help them walk into history!

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Whispers - streaming now on all platforms.

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