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Whispers - Out Now

Whispers - the new song and video dedicated to the amazing Adaptive Grand Slam - streaming now on all platforms, including Apple Music, and Spotify.

Mike Moss: Whispers (Single) Album Art

Whispers is the lead track on the brand new Mike Moss EP- Start with Love, and Forgive the Rest. It is dedicated to the Adaptive Grand Slam, a group of British and American soldiers who suffered life changing injuries whist fighting on the front-line in Afghanistan, ending their military careers.

In 2013, they embarked on an epic mission to summit the seven highest peaks on each of the seven continents and walk unsupported to the geographic North and South Poles - a feat that will see them break no less than four world records in the process!

To read all about their incredible story including the background behind the song and the inspiring new music video simply click on the link below. Here you will also find lots more information about the Adaptive Grand Slam, their charitable foundation, and their next expedition summit of Mount Everest, in April/May 2019.

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