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I've been working at Oxygene Studios all this week with legendary drummer Myke Wilson, to record the drums on my forthcoming EP.

Myke has played drums for some of the biggest names in the business including Texas, Swing Out Sister, Corinne Bailey Rae, Kid British, Gavin Friday, 808 State, and the Dust Junky's. His reputation as one of the best in the business is well deserved and it goes without saying what an incredible honour it is to work alongside someone of such talent and calibre.

You get to witness something very special when Myke sits behind his kit - whether it's in the studio or playing live - and the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the table is truly infectious. 

I was first introduced to Myke through Christophe Bride when he co-produced, co-engineered and mixed my debut album 'Cold World Plastic Dream'. We needed a drummer to record the drum tracks for the album so Christophe picked up his phone and called Myke Wilson. Myke came along to the sessions and we hit it off straight away - he loved my music and was very keen to get involved. I was pretty blown away and in awe of him at first, and to be honest, I still am - it's always a great vibe when he's around and the results speak for themselves.

Here's a little clip of Myke working on a new track called Madiba.

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