Taste Masters 4 | Out Now

30 September, 2013


After a very busy and raucous Saturday night at FAC 251 - The Factory, on 21st September, we're pleased to announce that Taste Masters 4 is now available to download and stream.

The night went off beautifully with some stunning performances, and with a queue stretching down the road we knew it was going to be great. We just hope that you enjoyed it and managed to catch all the bands. Thanks for your support. 

Taste Masters 4 can be streamed and downloaded from all your favourite sites and we've included some links below to help you out. 

Featuring some of Manchester's finest new musical stars, including Mike Moss and his track Emotion Machine, this is an album of organically homegrown, full fat, full flavoured songs from proper artists who craft and perform their own material.

YES...not an ounce of Simon Cowell, or X-Factor to be seen or heard anywhere!

Refreshing, inspired, and eclectic - dig deep and enjoy.

Mike Moss - Taste Masters 4
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